Fougerite is a fork of Magma Server Mod for Rust, featuring unparalleled performance and better overall design.

Dear users of Fougerite,

The doxygen documentation is now available HERE.
I know I should have done this a long ago, you may use this to get explanation on how things work on fougerite aside of the inside docs.
Check these out.

Those were made by @salva
There is something wrong with 1.5.6 Server version, which causes the server to crash.

Hang tight, fix is coming.

Please everyone who has reported a bug before, and still hasn't been fixed, and It is Fougerite related post an issue ticket here:

This is very important for me because it allows me to organize problems, and won't forget to fix them.
If you wish to post a forum topic about It in the Tech Support section, Its fine, just don't forget to post the github ticket in the post!

Make sure to give logs, and detail the issue!
I have created a discord server for faster support and discussion.
Might boost up the amount of help, but you may want to use the forum so others can also check It out.

Join us on discord here.
Soo all the bullshits aside actually I have one more left, but who cares I have enough credits on uni.

If you have any bugs or things to report post them here, I will check them quickly.
As already stated in

The current RustBuster Client 1.5.1 is producing a false positive which seems to affect almost all players.

I already messaged Dretax about this problem. There is no workaround available. We have to wait until Dretax comes online.

Edit: This problem has been fixed with RustBuster 1.5.2
So the last Rustbuster had a bunch of new updates including a launcher, which can be thanked for @salva and @xandeturf

I'm really really getting my time of to finally add a first new custom item, I promise. I will have one more exam sort of thing on monday, but It is coming ;)
Just because why not. Currently in plan:
  • Solve that little Fougerite thing bug that was reported
  • Update RustBuster, will be adding the launcher with a new major update
  • Add a test object to rustbuster
Do you have any sort of objects that i could try? Its easier than adding guns and stuffs for now, but ITEMS are COMING.
I will be looking into the Unity project and see If I can add anything big.
Apart from that I started working on a masterserver too for faster server querying and stuffs like that.
Should be a lot more better. I'm also going to remove the server name limit in the client. Or atleast change It.