Fougerite is a fork of Magma Server Mod for Rust, featuring unparalleled performance and better overall design.

I was able to modify assets in the Unity game.

This way of work won't be possible to bring in a plugin, but now I'm testing. Will let you know If I could add a new AI, or anything. ;)
Remember why LegitRaid was sort of crap?
It was because after a given time, you couldn't open the chests when you were spamming E button on them.

This was because when I wanted to patch the eject method correctly, It was protected, and the patching failed. Also, the Eject method couldn't be called like that, It said an outside script was calling the method and that should never happen...

Well @salva reminded me, and looked into this again. A simple variable type changing and setting It seems to work lol.. I'm surprised that I have never tried this.

Canceling the event however is still not good, It will cause an error, because the LootEvent Enter doesn't finish in time in Rust, so I have to delay It a bit with a small timer. But upon that, no more location faking, and It seems to work pretty well. I spammed E on It.

Will be in the next release.

So he is still trying to SYN flood the webserver, but his IPs are auto nullrouted. Too bad. Somebody is really angry for not getting the source code of RustBuster. I don't get It. He doesn't have a life or something?

How can one person be that angry, for asking/threating me in private msg for the source code of RustBuster? Work for It kid. Get some skills, and don't just "download" h3ping and use a command for a syn flood that doesn't work anymore.

I might move the site to which is my biggest server, and that can't be DDosed, not even SYN Flooded. Will see.
So lately, I have been looking into the unity package things, and see If I could add anything.
Just in-case I contacted @EquiFox and @xEnt and so far EquiFox replied, he said he was interested.

Right now I'm working alone on Fougerite and most of the plugins, and I don't always have the time to test correctly, or do everything alone myself. There are still a lot of unanswered questions to even me so far, and things that would be good to know.

I will push out a 1.4.8 build soon, which will fix the Client Plugin loading again after disconnecting, and most of the other stuffs that were requested should be added.

Besides that, I also want to dig myself in and stabilize rust a lot more, but no idea how this will go, the best thing would be to test on 1.5.4 atm.

Someone also mentioned that the rb client uses a lot at the moment, so I will be looking into that too for the 1.4.8 update.
So my university started today, kinda chill time table, though I can't fail, will need to focus on this.

I plan to look into the remaining issues of Rust and fix them in Fougerite if possible,
and I also try to look into adding new stuff to rust, but no idea where to start yet.

If you have any ideas for client hooks, or any additional stuffs please let me know.
A lot of RustBuster Players got banned by RustBuster Client 1.4.6 with the message: "RustBuster Detected Hacks. Found an unknown hack. 7801"

This is a false positive. It is recommended to unban these Players manually (via /rbunban) or to wipe the banlist (The ini file, and do /unbanall and a restart). A Client update (1.4.7) is available.
Today I was googling a bit, and found a bunch of videos about RustBuster.
Dear users of Fougerite,

The Client Plugin support is officially working, and can be used by compiling a dll and placing It to the ClientPlugins folder.

I made an example project here, and It also contains a Fougerite Module plugin, to demonstrate the communication between the client and the server (It's not constant, but It's encrypted)

Any external trials to send messages to the server that are not custom messages won't work, the client base comlinks cant be touched. Also, the serverhook only gets called when the plugin sends messages, and not RustBuster.

You can use and change everything in Rust, and if you need any extra hooks or something like that post It as a feature request.
Some stats.

Code (INI):