Fougerite is a fork of Magma Server Mod for Rust, featuring unparalleled performance and better overall design.

Dear users!

My exams are all finished, I can continue my university studies. I'm back to the project this weekend!
I'm still sick as hell, got some strength here to check on the forums.

I'm working on my university exams too, give me some time to revive.

Been looking at the bans on 1.3.5, wouldn't even expect less. Some of the guy started crying because: "I got banned for unknown hacks! Unban me, shit client etc..."


And he is not the only one. That's a modified, recompiled jacked hack.

Give me some time until 26th. 3 very important exams still have to be finished, and I don't even know where my head is. @Snake has been looking in the prefab additions, and seems like he got success. Just hang in there ;)
Dear users of Fougerite,

How would you imagine RustBuster's Scripting side? Which language? It would download scripts from the server? Do you need any special sorta thing? GUIs? Anything? Add any special obfuscation?
Dear users of Fougerite,

Currently RustBuser has a problem with upload the screenshots.
Dretax is currently working on it so it will be fixed soon, no need to worry about it.

Thank you for your understanding.
Dretax & Gartand
Dear users of Fougerite,

Remember, RustBuster is a BETA project, and not a release. There CAN be problems in It's system, be patient for It to be fixed.

If there is an update problem simply use the Verifyer.exe and It will solve It all.

Server owners...

I added additional logging to the Server. Please give me some feedback about It later.
For now you may get 3 types of RUSTBUSTER BANS.

  1. "Cheat Engine or Other hacks."
  2. "Injected Hacks"
  3. "Found an unknown hack. "
  4. Unknown. (Shouldn't happen)
Now the first two are pretty obvious. I need information about the 3rd. Notify me if the server bans someone with that reason, and be sure to copy and paste me the reason for that.

Also, we reached: Total Downloads: 1,787

Thanks guys!
Dear users of Fougerite,

Apparently some newbies would like to get in the way of RustBuster, and we know that atleast 70 people in a skype group would like to work against It.

On this day, I will be releasing a pretty heavy stuff against these guys just in-case.

All users should be updating to It once It comes out. Be ready when that happens.
Dear users of Fougerite,

Now with the last 1.3.0B release, which seems pretty stable, and has all the bugs solved, my possible next steps will be working on the Plugin/Modding Section of the client.

Obviously the Plugin API would be a built in thing in the client, and It would download the plugins from the server. Obviously building out a system may take time, ensuring It's safety and It's stability.

The second thing, which I'm still not aware of yet, but @Snake will be looking in It possibly, is adding new stuffs to the game, such as objects, NPCs, Items, etc. We will see If we can do this or no, but obviously this will be the hardest thing If It's possible.

Now besides these two facts, my important exams are coming up on the University, so I will probably be "semi-active" for a while again. I have 3 exams left, 2 out of them can be tried 2 times, and one of them can be tried only once.

I will have to focus on these in-order to go through this semester, It is really neccessary.

I hope you guys had very great holidays, you will be hearing from us!

Dear users of Fougerite,

RustBuster is out for public testing.
I will need volunteers who would be testing the client with me at a specific days.

Besides that I will also need people who can specificly somehow tell me what could be lagging their server, and when does that happen.
Dear users of Fougerite

One of the plugins or a code part somewhere, at a hook sometimes causes strougle for fougerite and causes lagg.
I added a quick stuff that is able to log the speed of all the running hooks to a specific log file. You just need to replace the dll and add a new fougerite.cfg option. Besides that please list me below any bug/todo that i forgot about.

Code (INI):
; Fougerite logs are in PublicFolder\Logs
; Putting these false will still do the logging, but
; the console won't display them
speed=false ; <--- Make this true