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New Profile Posts

  1. ice cold
    ice cold
    Those 500 lines that came straight out my nose
  2. ice cold
    ice cold
    The 500 lines that came straight out my nose
  3. REUX
    REUX DreTaX
    How can ı host rust legacy server? Can u help me for the host? Which site ı need to for host? VPS, or any.
  4. ice cold
    ice cold
    Friendly guy with passion of doing nothing
  5. ice cold
    ice cold
    just being pro
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  6. ice cold
    ice cold
    Father of an beautiful son
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  7. DtiyRust
    DtiyRust salva
    HI MEN
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  8. enes35001
    enes35001 gintaras
    Gintaras Share RB Death Message Please :)
  9. gintaras
  10. Hellish_Arash
    Hellish_Arash Assassin
    I know DreTaX made a DeathMSG in C# type. I said maybe could you make a deathmsg in python.
    1. Assassin
      i can but there is one plugin maked in the best way!!
      fougerite uses best plugins so DeathMSG by Dretax is best
      Feb 24, 2018
  11. king zwolse
    king zwolse DreTaX
    hi when will rustbuster work again ?
  12. mehrdad
    mehrdad DreTaX
    How to add server to server list?
  13. mehrdad
    mehrdad ice cold
    hi ice cold
    how to create menu for this items
    1-fps display
    2-cross scale
    plz help me
  14. mehrdad
    mehrdad salva
    how to create new map for rust?
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  15. danyenzo
    danyenzo DreTaX
    i have problems with rust legacy. when i open the server list there is no server poping up. and when i try to connect throw F1 it says i cant join servers with ping 1000+, eaven if i got the best interned from my friends that can play the game. HELP ME PLZ
    1. DreTaX
      forums... post on forums...
      Feb 18, 2018
  16. samvds
  17. amir3296
    I fixed it and its bad for you you know :))
  18. Hellish_Arash
    Hellish_Arash amir3296
    hello amir (Funner), I hope you fix your problem with F1 :) and Welcome to Fougerite :D
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    2. amir3296
      Feb 10, 2018
  19. amir3296
    amir3296 DreTaX
    please ask me thank you its a Serious problem
  20. amir3296
    amir3296 DreTaX
    Admin I can not use f1 when I log in to the homepage
    and Servers are not loaded on my servers page
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