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  1. Woke
    Woke DreTaX
    Aye, I'm having trouble with RustBuster, recently, I got false banned and I crashed. From there every time I attempt to run rust.exe (I've tried to run as admin, ran the rust buster application and run verifier and updater) I just crash in loading screen, it doesn't give me the log, but just quits and throws me to desktop. Please help, ASAP.

  2. Nixwiewech
  3. BLSTCKILLER Dimitri
    BLSTCKILLER Dimitri DreTaX
    Discord name :BLSTCKILLER #9455
  4. BLSTCKILLER Dimitri
    BLSTCKILLER Dimitri DreTaX
    Hi DreTax can we please talk on discord for a few min it would be a honour for me to talk to you the person who saved Rust i would also like to talk to some of your team members and iven make a video of how to use fougerite and show the world how good the servers are that your team made i think with fougeritte you might be able to bring rust Legasy back to steam
    1. DreTaX
      That's what the public chat of the discord is for.
      Dec 18, 2018
  5. spawN
    spawN salva
    I'm from Brazil, and if possible, I would like you to clarify a pertinent question

    I am working on a project for a new server, but I decided to change from Oxide to Fougerite, I would like to know how I can install this plugin on my server, with it, I will have possibilities of ideas for the PVP arena.


    Thanks and I await your response.
    1. ice cold
      ice cold
      To have better contact with the plugin developers and the admins its the best if you join our discord channel (if you have discord ofcourse)
      I hope i'll see you around.
      Nov 6, 2018
  6. Revezunds
    Revezunds Jakkee
    Knock Knock anyone here? why there is so silence here? :D
    1. ice cold
      ice cold
      Becaus silent is better then sounds
      Nov 6, 2018
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  7. butearrx
  8. Revezunds
    Probably figuring out the answers
  9. ice cold
    ice cold
    Probably doesn't knows the answer...
  10. ice cold
    ice cold
    Enjoy's drinking water
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  11. hacker2018
  12. enes35001
    enes35001 OzerOTR
    Lan özer Ben enes rusta gerimi döndün ?
  13. Zzaidy
    Zzaidy DreTaX
    DreTaX , In the RU community. There are no good servers, we only have garbage dumps, honestly ... XD Just wanted to place plug-ins on the server for RU players
  14. Zzaidy
    Zzaidy DreTaX
    Good evening, I live in Russia, and I was very interested in your plugins from your cool server. Can I somehow get them. Example: map with navigation, AntiCheat, menu on the server. All this I wanted to create in the RU community.
    1. DreTaX
      No, what gets created here is for this community, and the client is only our client. What was created here is already available for everyone free. But only for RustBuster ;)
      Aug 23, 2018
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    2. Zzaidy
      DreTaX , In the RU community. There are no good servers, we only have garbage dumps, honestly ... XD Just wanted to place plug-ins on the server for RU players
      Aug 23, 2018
  15. Miracle|Зеркало
    Miracle|Зеркало DreTaX
    Hi, pls call my discort Evo#9509
  16. Revezunds
    Kind of silence here. Where am i ?
    1. ice cold
      ice cold
      Somewhere in the fougerite woods
      Aug 11, 2018
  17. Guardian343
    Guardian343 DreTaX
    Where my server will be add to the server list?
    i have posted the server ip and port but still not added
  18. BuSy MinD
    BuSy MinD Assassin
    Hi i saw ParsisGame Server That Menu that have Aim+ & Fps & and other option how you create it can u public it?
    1. Assassin
      actually it is not mine, the real creator is WillyWork, but i modified it
      anyway i can't public it untill real creator give this perm to me, sorry
      Aug 2, 2018
    2. BuSy MinD
      BuSy MinD
      how can i contact him he is offline from a year!?
      Aug 2, 2018
    3. Assassin
      i don't know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Aug 3, 2018
  19. -[G]oOd NiGh[T]-
    -[G]oOd NiGh[T]- DreTaX

    are you can make a plugin

    im need plugins for edit ammo limit for guns

  20. ice cold
    ice cold
    if you look in my eyes i wil freeze ya ass