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  • Hello Kinger, can u unban me on your server? i got banned for no reason, admin didnt check me or anything, just banned me without talkin anything
    just unban me and check me please, i want to play..
    Name: Supreme - 76561197960617950
    Server: - 28015 - 28017
    I WILL DELETE THIS AFTER U ANSWER ME, moderator accept it, i dont know any other capabilities to contact with kinger..
    Hi man Sorry for my Late answer... Your unbanned
    سلام بهبه کینگر جون چطوره
    خوبی داداش
    من واقعا داشتم استریم میدادم
    هرچی میگم میگی دروغه نه وی راسته
    درباره اون فش بد هم معذرت می خوام
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