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    Many Players with same SteamID 76561197960266962

    create file fix.cmd in file paste this text cd %LOCALAPPDATA% del LumaEmu /Q md LumaEmu pause
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    My Introduction

    32 old years Plugin Developer I have rust umod, rust_extended Servers with own developments plugins Sorry english is not my language
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    Help ! i cant join my server

    VCredist all installed?
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    I have some problem

    Try it 1) Player.SendCommand (Your_text); 2) Player.SendCommand("chat.add " + "Your_chat_text") It depends on what context you want. English is not my native language. I use a translator
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    I need some rust files

    what version do you need? 1067 1066 1065
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    I need Rust Plugins

    Help with what? Plugin development?