AAscii (ANA, AKA IllegalName) 1.1

Anti-Non ASCII, IllegalName

  1. DreTaX
    Fougerite Compatibility:
    All Versions
    Plugin's Engine:
    • C# (Modules)
    ANA was designed to not kick people from the server, but rename their name if they are having null name, or illegal characters in their names.


    • Removes illegal chars from your name
    • Null name is bypassed by generating a unique name like Stranger345
    • Name duplication rename
    • Command for cfg reload on C#: /anareload

    Code (INI):
    DontRenameAdmins=1 ; 0 to rename
    NameLength=17 ; Maximum name length
    KickInsteadOfRenaming=0 ; 1 will kick players instead of renaming.
    NotificationMessage=Only English Characters in name, see chat!
    NotificationMessage2=We only allow these characters: a-z,0-9!+()[]<>/@#. _-
    RegexMatcher=[^a-zA-Z0-9_!+?()<>/@#,. \[\]\\-] ; Don't edit this if you don't know what are you doing.

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  1. Pompeyo
    Version: 1.6.5
    excellent, would be great if I could control that people after entering with a name could not change it more