AdminPlus 3.1.0

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Minor tweaks and added moderator support for thous who use DreTaX's Moderator plugin
Also made it optional to do /duty on before using a command (Delete the settings file to recreate it)
-Just added DreTaX's CheckV method so when you're teleporting to players you do not need their full name.
-Also you now have to do /duty on to use the commands
Nothing new, Just converted to Python.
Added /tpback
This command will allow you to teleport you back to where you were after using /tpadmin [name]
- Destroy Weapon
- Crash when using tpadmin (TpAdmin only works on MC6, Haven't tried on MC5).
- Added more options to the Settings.

To install just delete settings and reload the server and a new one will generate.
New features!
- /duty on /off (Tells the server if you're on duty or not)
-/tpadmin [name] (Teleports you 30units behind the player)
-/admin on now saves your armor so when you do /admin off it puts your old armor back on
Uber Hatchets now destroy anything if logged into Rcon
Okay, Hopefully last update for awhile now.
Should be working, Do /admin for the help menu
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New command;
/doors (Allows an admin to open any door)
You can now change the admin remove weapon with any weapon you choose in the config.
don't to mispell the weapon name.