AntiSpam 1.1

A simple anti flood plugin in Python

  1. DreTaX
    Fougerite Compatibility:
    All Versions
    Plugin's Engine:
    • Python (IronPython)

    A simple plugin that is able to hold of spam in the chat, and kick after a specific amount of messages happening in a short period of time.
    Edit the python file via Notepad++ to configure.

    Code (Python):
    # Seconds that must pass after a player's message before he can send another one. Can be also set to a float number like 0.75
    FloodSeconds = 3
    # Amount of flood messages the player will be kicked after. -1 to disable
    KickAfter = 3
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  1. Revezunds
    Version: 1.0
    No more nasty Korean Spam by neebs anymore yee. Thanx Dre .