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AuthMe is a security plugin that is used to ensure that only one user is using the specific steamid for gameplay.
The chance with the last lumaemu version that RB is using is just nearly almost impossible, but It can happen.
There are also amateurs who think that changing an unsinged 64bit integer manually to something self specified is a big deal. These amateurs are usually advertising this method that they "can use" this "hack" to gain administrator access to your servers. This is a big lie, hence they would need to know your steamid first, plus RB's server side HWID matcher will not allow them. You may also use this plugin to secure you, and your players with a username, and password authentication. The player is basically not able to do anything as long as he is not logged in, and after a short time he will be kicked if he doesn't log in. He cannot be damaged, can't build, can't damage, etc...
All this with a simple GUI support!
Passwords are stored using SHA1 hashes.

Information about multiple users using the same steamid
If this rare occasion happens, one of the users (usually who didn't play yet)
would need to use an unban tool. I recommend using this one for this kind of purpose.

YouNeedToBeLoggedIn=You can't do this. You need to be logged in.
CredsReset=Your credentials are reset! Type /authme register username password
TimeToLogin=60 ; This is in seconds
/authme login username password
/authme register username password
/authme changepw username newpassword
/authme resetpw ingameusername
/authme reload
Extra console command: authme.resetuser ingamename

Restricted without login currently
Can't damage
Can't build
Can't be damaged
Can't craft
Can't research
Can't move
Can't remove items
Can't add items
Admin / Mod rights are forced off
Optional command restrictions

API Usage
API usage is available for every plugin, and they can call AuthMe.GetInstance() to access functions.
If you only need to know if the user is logged in or not you can also do:
DataStore.Get("AuthMeLogin", player.UID); // Returns true if user is under login.
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