AuthMe 1.1

No permission to download
  • Added even more stuff
  • Added config setting PleaseLoginOrRegister
  • Added config setting YouWillBeKicked
  • Added config setting HelpTextTime
  • When the user spawns every HelpTextTime seconds we will send the user the PleaseLoginOrRegister and YouWillBeKicked texts, including the social site. This was probably very lacking and confused people who didn't know how to register/login
  • AuthMe's data that is stored in the memory is now Concurrent as It should be. This is necessarry due to the timer usage, and API extension.
  • AuthMe now supports PermissionSystem
  • Added new config option called RestrictedConsoleCommands to be able to restrict certain console commands until logged in
  • Added new config option called RemovePermissionsUntilLogin. This ensures that the user loses all Permissions until the user is logged in. I recommend leaving this as true.
  • Added OnLootUse event. Although AuthMe already protected against item moving events, we are now locking the player from opening loot when it is being authenticated.
  • Added OnBeltUse event. The player is no longer able to select items from its belt until logged in.
  • Player is no longer able to deal damage while there is an actual victim, and still doesn't receive damage either.
  • Added Social site help text when entering invalid password, or when the steamid is already registered