BannedPeople 1.0

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Fougerite Compatibility
Plugin's Engine
C# (Modules)
Sort of features:

  • Use /banip "Name" to ban users with their ID, and IP

  • If you use /banip the full name of the player isn't required.
  • For Example my name is DreTaX, you can type /banip dre

  • Use /unbanip "Name" to unban a User

  • Also, when a player gets banned, he will also get the name of the Admin who banned him.

  • If you would like to bypass that you can use /banhidename

  • This might be a bit more useful to stop hackers, by banning their IP from the server. The plugin checks on connection if the player's IP or ID was banned. If only one of them is banned, It will update the ini file and re-ban the player.

  • There is also a command available which list the banned people. (Later after having lots of values, might cause client lagg. /bans

  • There is a way to manually unban an IP or an ID. The command is /
    munbanip IDorIP

  • There is a way to manually ban an IP or an ID. The command is /
    offban IDorIP

  • Doing /drop playername will execute a droptest
  • /banipreload to reload config

Console Commands:

fougerite.ban playername/id/ip
fougerite.unban playername/id/ip

The player name can be partial, for example instead of DreTaX:
fougerite.ban dre

Name=[Equinox-BanSystem] ;// Sys name
BannedDrop=You were banned from this server.; // Ban reason
AutoDropBan=0 ; If 1, the server will check if the player died, and if he didn't It will ban it. This can be buggy sometimes when the player laggs, so I recommend using the manual command /dropb to ban the last dropped player.
AnnounceBan=0 ; If 1, It will announce the ban to everyone
ModsThatCanCrash=7656119798204xxxx,7656119798204yyyy ; Mods that can Use the /quit command
CanAllModsCrash=1 ; If 1 all mods can use the /quit command
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0

    C# conversion.
  2. 1.7.9

    Added command: /unbanall Little fix for Admins at /dropb
  3. 1.7.8

    Threading GeoIP at connection to reduce lagg

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