BannedPeople 1.1

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Fougerite Compatibility
Plugin's Engine
C# (Modules)
Sort of features:
CommandWhat It doesPermissionExample
/banipreloadReloads the configbannedpeople.reload
/banip nameofplayerBans the player for id/ipbannedpeople.banip/banip dretax or /banip dre
/unbanip nameofplayerUnbans the player by id/ipbannedpeople.unbanip/unbanip dretax
/banhidenameWhen triggering a ban, the banners name is not displayedbannedpeople.banhidename
/munbanipUnbans a player by id or ipbannedpeople.munbanip/munbanip 765241235134551
/offbanOffline ban by id or ipbannedpeople.offban/offban 765241235134551
/drop nameofplayerDrops the player from the sky to see if they are flyhackingbannedpeople.drop/drop dretax or /drop dre
/dropbTriggers a ban after doing /drop, and AutoDropBan is false in the settingsbannedpeople.dropb
/quitMakes the player quit his clientbannedpeople.quit/quit dretax or /quit dre
/unbanallUnbans everyonebannedpeople.unbanall
-This permission provides immunity from bans /drop, etc..bannedpeople.immunity-

Console Commands:

fougerite.ban playername/id/ip
fougerite.unban playername/id/ip

The player name can be partial, for example instead of DreTaX:
fougerite.ban dre

Name=[Equinox-BanSystem] ;// Sys name
BannedDrop=You were banned from this server.; // Ban reason
AutoDropBan=False ; If True, the server will check if the player died, and if he didn't It will ban it. This can be buggy sometimes when the player laggs, so I recommend using the manual command /dropb to ban the last dropped player.
AnnounceBan=False ; If True, It will announce the ban to everyone
ModsThatCanCrash=7656119798204xxxx,7656119798204yyyy ; Mods that can Use the /quit command
CanAllModsCrash=True ; If 1 all mods can use the /quit command
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1

    Now needs Fougerite 1.8.0+ Fixed an issue that everyone could use the unbanall command lol /drop...
  2. 1.0

    C# conversion.
  3. 1.7.9

    Added command: /unbanall Little fix for Admins at /dropb

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Works like a charm!
Banned some Japanese hackers, they aren't coming back now!