BannedPeople 1.1

No permission to download
  • Little fix on droptest again (Spawned teleport bug)
  • Droptest should be better
  • Checking if the player's location is the same (If the player is lagging) we wont ban him on the drop test
  • Automatized item giveback. You just do /drop and all done. His items will be returned, and spawned to the same location.
  • Added ban range. This option (BannedPeople.ini) will check if the IP starts with the given IP address. (0.0. as an example) This is useful if you have a hacker who changes IP, but his IP always starts with the same numbers.
Small fix at /drop command.
Updated for 1.1.8B
Update for 1.1.7D
/drop autobans people if they didn't die
Some small fixes