BannedPeople 1.1

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Update for EAC
Preparitions for EAC
  • Offline ban fix
  • Cleaner/Performance boosted
  • Uses Global Ban list now.
Console Commands now support steamid/ip unban and ban.
Disconnecting player on console ban...
Modernised Console Event commands
  • Some code additions and fixed a console error.
New Features:

  • You can now use the console to unban/ban people
  • fougerite.ban-playername
  • fougerite.unban-playername
The player name can be partial, for example instead of DreTaX:
  • Added a new innovation thing. If a player connects with a banned ID or IP his current name will be placed into the inifile with the ID and the IP too. This will keep the banned players autobanned if they change IP or ID. It works well for me.
  • Added a new command: /munbanip iporid It's able to manually unban an IP or an ID.