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first of everything i must say that i did this plugin for my Server 4 months ago as a Private Plugin,some function ares from TpFriend plugin by @DreTaX So lets say a thank you to Mr.Dre :);)

You can Send Duel request to target player with this Plugin
I made somethings that prevents Players from doing Duel while they are in HungerGame or Duel(Tested in my server and 100% works)
also if you are using Clans Plugin by @DreTaX in your server you must edit line 448 in Clans.py like this SPOILER
This is what you see there

And this is what it must be if you don't want have problems in your server when Clanmates Duel with eachother(if you don't do it,they can't damage each other)

also here is that code for lazy Bros :D
def On_PlayerHurt(self, HurtEvent):
        if HurtEvent.VictimIsPlayer and HurtEvent.AttackerIsPlayer:
            if HurtEvent.Victim is not None and HurtEvent.Attacker is not None:
                vid = HurtEvent.Victim.SteamID
                aid = HurtEvent.Attacker.SteamID
                if DataStore.Get("HGIG", vid) is not None or DataStore.Get("induel", vid) is not None:
                if self.HasClan(vid) and self.HasClan(aid):
                    ca = self.GetClanOfPlayer(aid)
                    cv = self.GetClanOfPlayer(vid)
                    if ca == cv:
                        ff = ClanFriendlyFireMemory[ca]
                        if ff or (self.AllowSelfDamage and HurtEvent.Attacker.UID == HurtEvent.Victim.UID):
                        HurtEvent.DamageAmount = float(0)

Also If You are using HomeSystem Plugin by @DreTaX You must edit your HomeSystem like the HomeSystem that i put in resource or replace it!it is the last version and i didn't change anything in it except preventing Duel Abuses!

- Player Commands -

/duel [PlayerName] | to request a Duel
/aduel | to accept a requested Duel
/dduel | to deny a Duel Request
/dcount | see how many Duel Requests are remaining for you
/duelc | to cancel your own Duel Request
/dleave | to leave Duel Arena

- Plugin Configs -

Maxuses=0 ; 0 means infinity, if you want to reduce it just change 0 to a number
cooldown=1 ; should we have cooldown or no?
timeoutr=35 ; how many seconds we must wait to detect Duel Request TimeOut Automaticly?
tpdelay=0 ; Teleport Delay
sysname=Duel ; System Name
CheckIfPlayerIsNearStructure=1 ; Enable=1 Disable=0
CheckIfPlayerIsOnDeployable=1 ; Enable=1 Disable=0
CheckIfPlayerIsInShelter=1 ; Enable=1 Disable=0

Also Don't Forget to Post Your Ideas & Bugs &... Here;)
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