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Fougerite Official 1.6.4B2

Fougerite Official Release

  1. DreTaX
    Fougerite Official
    1.0.7+ marks the first in a new series of releases aimed at making Fougerite and Rust Legacy the best Rust experience available, except for Garry's active branch, of course. ;)

    How to install Fougerite

    How to update Fougerite

    How to install Plugins

    Things that were fixed in Fougerite and worth to mention:

    • Teleport Hack
    • No Hunger Hack
    • No Radiation Hack
    • Calorie Hack
    • Server Crash Hack
    • uLink Server Flood

    Fixes, additions, and other changes since Fougerite MC6:

    • Microsoft Contracts removed, and the Microsoft.Contracts.dll is no longer needed.
    • World.Airdrop(), World.Airdrop(number) make better random drops
    • World.AirdropAt(Player), World.AirdropAt(Player, number), World.AirdropAt(Vector3), World.AirdropAt(Vector3, number),
    • World.AirdropAt(x, y, z), World.AirdropAt(x, y, z, number) have been improved to spread the drops out around the site better.
    • World.ParseItemName(string) will return the best match to partial item names, or an empty string if no match. Rust++ commands "/i pills" and "/i met pil" and "/i tun" are sufficient to get Anti-Radiation Pills, Metal Pillar, and Can of Tuna. It's crude now, so stick to the first 3+ unique characters of one or more parts of the item name. It will get more better.
    • To avoid stuck planes, use the optional number of drops as the last argument instead of looping in a Python or Javascript plugin.
    • Rust++ door share and friends commands are working again.
    • Rust++ commands that take an item name or player name are now case insensitive and no longer need quotation marks. "/give that guy metal bars 5" should give 5 Metal Window Bars to a player whose name matches "that guy" or present a list of players to choose from if more than one match.
    • Rust++ commands other than /kick /give /kill /tpto /tphere /pm - which need a player to be online - will work for offline players, as long as the player has visited the server at least once. The offline player info is looked up in userCache. You can add/remove friends, door shares, administrators, admin flags, ban/unban mute/unmute and whitelist players that aren't online at the moment.
    • The /friends command shows online and offline friends.
    • If Player is a Rust++ admin, the /help command will show additional help lines from Rust++.cfg admin_help_string1=, admin_help_string2=, etc.
    • A long-standing bug going back to Magma that prevents removing players from the ban list and mute list has been fixed.
    • bans.xml and mutelist.xml are saved along with the other xml save files.
    • userCache is saved as userCache.xml. If the xml save file exists, userCache is loaded from it on startup and reload. Otherwise cache.rpp is loaded.
    • doorsSave is saved as doorsSave.xml. If the xml save file exists, doorsSave is loaded from it, otherwise doorsSave.rpp is loaded.
    • The frends list is more complicated and will be converted to xml saves later.
    • Many, many more fixes and changes.
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