Full Server Fougerite1.62B + RustBuster1.71 (527.2 Mb) 04.March.2018

Server pre-configured for RustLegacy Fougerite1.62B + RustBuster1.71

  1. salva
    And why not create your own server to do all the tests you want?

    - I have decided to compile a server of fougerite with rustbuster, both updated to the most current versions.
    - I have also created several shortcuts to access the configurations, registers and online help in a very simple way.
    - It is
    perfect for new users or those users who want to start investigating the world of game servers.

    Characteristics of the server
    1. Mod Fougerite v1.62B
    2. Rustbuster 1.71
    3. Pre-configured server
    4. Without LumaEmu
    5. AuthAllow pre-installed
    6. Easy configuration

    A greeting...

    The MoonSharp and JintPlugin modules are not included in this compilation.
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Recent Updates

  1. Update 4.Mar.2018
  2. Update 23.Feb.2018

Recent Reviews

  1. Hellish_Arash
    Version: 2018-02-18
    please do it with Fougerite v1.6.2B