GAutoDownloader 0.1

Sends files to player pc

  1. gintaras
    Fougerite Compatibility:
    Resource Collabolators:
    Plugin's Engine:
    • C# (Modules)
    Plugin Dependencies:
    RustBuster 1.7.2
    GAutoDownloader is created for server developers to make life little bit easer
    With this plugin you just insert files into "AutoSendFiles" folder ant players will get all files and folders.

    Technical info:
    First time running it will create AutoSendFiles folder in main directive of server
    it will create save/GAutoDownloader/Settings.ini file with pre defined name of folder (automaticaly generates name by your server name) but you can change it if you dont like it
    all files in player side will be
    DB_data/(Folder by settings.ini)/(files and folders)​
    Colsole commands:
    gauto.reload - reloads files to send
    gauto.load -loads files to send
    gauto.unload -removes files from sending list​

    PM discord Gintaras​
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Recent Reviews

  1. enes35001
    Version: 0.1
    Can you Record video for info ?
    1. gintaras
      Author's Response
      You can PM me in discord if you have questions i will aswer it is for mostly client side plugins like making sounds on some action like multi kill and so on