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HomeSystem 2.6.5

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Fougerite Compatibility
All Versions (2.6.3 HomeSys + requires 1.5.3+ Fougerite)
Plugin's Engine
Python (IronPython)
Requires: IronPython Libs

This plugin was requested by serveral users. This plugin is able to ban Beds so you won't get glitch raided with the new hack called Dizzy.
Also, this plugin supports multihome, and as requested, has the same fix as in TpFriend

Authors: DreTaX, BadZombi
Assistance: Zephyrus
Json Code used from: mikec (Back in the old days.)

run_timer= 2 ; NOT REQUIRED SINCE A TIME, PLUGIN DOESNT USE IT. Time when the timer checks the players who had to be teleported, you should leave this on 2. (Depends if the number of tpdelay is divisible with it)
Cooldown=1200000 ; 20 mins = 20*1000*60 = 1200000
safetpcheck=2 ; Second to tp the player again to the same location, so you wont get glitched (2.5.0 doesn't have It)
Maxhomes=2 ; Obvious
Antihack=1 ; Denies placing Bed and Sleeping bag, so you won't get glitch hacked.
tpdelay=10 ; Tp delay
foundationhome=True ; Set home by hitting a foundation/ceiling, False = use player location distance check.
Distance=20 ; If DistanceCheck is 1, we will scout if there are any nearby homes within 20m (Whitelisting command available)
movecheck=0 ; Freeze player if 1 while teleporting.
checkdamage=1 ; Check if the player got hit while in teleportation progress, and if so, cancel it.
homesystemname=[HomeSystem] ; Prefix name
antiroofdizzy=1 ; Enables Anti-Dizzy!
TestTeleport=1 ; Use Test Teleport System implemented in Fougerite 1.5.5?
; Double teleport player?
;These settings below only work if antiroofdizzy is 1
SendPlayertoHomeorRandom=0 ; 0 disabled random teleportations and home tp on connection. You should put this on 0 if using FAC
EJoinCooldown=0 ; Disable cooldown if 0.
randomlocnumber=8156 ; Random Location Numbers, 8156 max.
rejoincd=15 ; Cooldown for rejoin
jointpdelay=12 ; Tp delay to put player in his home, i recommend this to be 12, since mostly everyone needs 6-7 secs to join the game. (I think depends on the computer)
What is antiroofdizzy? antiroofdizzy makes players to tp at their homes immediately, after they have joined. (/setdefaulthome required, or they will get tpd to a random loc). This option bypasses the players who want to glitch inside from the roof with Dizzy hack. <- This option is outdated. Use EAC and dont use this!

Commands: Type /home

Extra command for admins: /deletebeds - Deletes all sleeping bags and beds on srv. Might occur lagg for a few secs. Only able to use if Antihack is 1.
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    Seems like i did important fixes for homesystem in 2017 september, i just forgot to upload it to...
  2. 2.6.4

    Added an option to use the test teleport method from 1.5.5 Fougerite, or use the normal teleport...
  3. 2.6.3B

    Obsolete craps removed Old bug fixed that taryn reported...

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