HungerGames 1.6.0b

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Plugin's Engine
Python (IronPython)
Hunger Games 1.6.0

That's right boys ! A plugin based on the real HungerGames film.
  • Addable Spawnpoints
  • Selectable walls that will get destroyed on match start, and gets replaced when the match finishes
  • Addable Chests
  • Random items at random slots in the chest inventory
  • Chest's inventory gets cleaned at every ending and at the start too
  • People cannot shoot players in the HungerGames
  • People in HungerGames cannot shoot players outside of HungerGames
  • Has a configurable Restricted commands feature, it will make players leave from hungergames if they try to use commands like /home or /tpa
  • Stores the inventory of the players when they join hungergames
  • Teleports players back to their last location
Everyone's Commands :
/hg join - Join a HungerGames event
/hg leave - Leave a HungerGames event

/hg inventory - Tries to give you back the inventory you had before
/hg alive - Lists Alive players
/hg info - Info about HungerGames
/hg buy - Buy Items for points!
/hg slist - List the items on sale!

Admin Only Commands :

/hg announce - Allows people to join HungerGames
/hg disable - Disables HungerGames
hg addspawn - Adds player spawnpoint (REQUIRED!)

/hg forcestart - Force start the arena.
hg decay - Turns rust decay off on chests and spike walls in the configured radius (CDist) WARNING. IT USES THE CONFIGURED RADIUS. (CDist)

/hg entity - Enter entitymode. Shoot chests, and walls. Shooting chests will add them to a list, so they can have random items. Shooting walls will add the wall to a list, so when hungergames start it will break it. (REQUIRED!)
/hg cleanchests - Cleans all the added HungerGames's chest's inventory. (Force command)
/hg middle - Sets the middle of the hungergames. (For CDist)
hg decay - Disables decay on Chests and Spike walls. (Uses CDist)
hg adminspot - Set an admin spot
hg spot - Teleport to admin spot
hg addchests - Adds chests from the middle. (Uses CDist)
/hg forcejoin - Game started? You may force join :)
hg checkwalls - Checks if the walls are in place

[DefaultItems] ; Starting kit.  |  ItemName = Quantity
9mm Ammo=10

M4=4 ; Item : Maximum item number, randomized between 1-4
Large Medkit=20 ; Item : Maximum item number, randomized between 1-20

Items=3 ; Number of items that are written down in [RandomItems]
Count=20 ; The randomized Item will have a quantity. It will random a quantity between 1-20. Setting this to 2 will random between 1-2. This RANDOM IS FOR AMMO
Count2=5 ; Random number for medkits 1-5
Count3=5; Random number for Grenades 1-5
Count4=20 ; Random number for Arrows 1-20
Count5=2 ; Random number for Attachments 1-2 (0 to disable)
Count6=5 ; Random number for flares 1-5
SItems=2 ; Items count in [SItems]
MTimes=2 ; How many items should be randomized in a chest? (Minimum items)
Times=5 ; How many items should be randomized in a chest? (Maximum Items)
ItemRewards=True ; Give items to the winner?
MinRewards=3 ; Minimum items
MaxRewards=6 ; Maximum items

[RandomItems] ; Randomized item names that should be in the chests
1=Stone Hatchet
2=Pick Axe

[SItems] ; Randomly picked attachments
2=Holo sight

In the python file :

#  Minimum players to start the MinimumTime counter.
minp = 7
#  Timer for the force start at minimum players.
#  If we reach 7 players we start the timer. Once It elapsed we start the game.
#  This is in minutes
MinimumTime = 3
#  MaxPlayers!
maxp = 14
#  Secs before match start
secs = 30
#  Cleanup loots Stacks after game in close range?
LootStackClean = True
#  Distance for loots if we look from the first spawn point? (Size of the Arena in meters)
CDist = 400
#  For safety reasons should we freeze the player when he joins for 2 secs?
Freeze = True
# Metal Walls for spawn points = 1 ; Wood Walls = 2 (For destroy/respawning)
WallsSpawn = 1
# Allow building in HG? If this is true, then the deployed entities will be destroyed at the end of the game.
Building = False
# Announce Rewards?
AnnounceRewards = True
# Enable Radiation Damage? Uses CDist and Middle position.
RadDmg = True
# The player count when the radiation damage should activate
CRad = 7
# How many minutes after should the radiation activate?
RadM = 0.2
# How many minutes after should the radius of the radiation "safe-zone" keep decreasing?
RadDC = 0.7
# How many meters should we remove from the radius after every execution?
RadME = 40
# Minimum distance where the radiation can't go further?
RadMDist = 55
# How much radiation should the players receive?
RadR = 40
# Time when we should execute radiation on players after the activation (Seconds)
RadS = 3
# Anti Radiation number if player is not out of the RadRange
RadAnti = 30
# Range where the radiation should Start
RadStart = 200 # Map size is marked at 400, I recommend the half
# TopList
CountTopListC = 5 # Shouldn't be more than 10
# Enable Shop?
EShop = True
I recommend you this plugin if you would like to disable building in the HungerGames. (To bypass those players who play on the server)

I recommend building at:
teleport.topos PlayerName -6977 523 311
/tpto -6977 523 311

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Latest updates

  1. 1.6.0b

    Fixing the namespace error.
  2. 1.6.0
  3. 1.5.9B

    Removing obsolete and not logical function usage. Requires fougerite 1.6.6

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