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KitSystem 1.0.6

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Fully functional kits system along with PermissionsManager, you can now provide a permission for the player to have access to the kit.

Use /akit <kitName> <'description'> <-options> - to create a kit.

-c<time in seconds> - to set how long you can take the kit.
-m<maximum of times> - to set how many times you can pick up the kit.
-<permission> - remembering that it is necessary for you to add the permission in config / config.json.

Use /kit - to see the list of kits.
Use /kit <kitName> - to get a kit.
Use /rkit <kitName> - to delete a kit.

Developer references
var kitdata = KitSystem.KitModule.getKit("test");
var getItem = KitSystem.KitModule.pegarItem("idSlot", "kitname");

kitdata.cooldown = 1000f;
kitdata.maxKits = 20;
Note: be careful when using this void, it creates the kit if it does not exist so it is good to check if the kit exists before pulling the directory, otherwise it will create the kit that you put in the void.

  var kitdata = KitSystem.KitModule.getKit("test");
  kitdata.cooldown = 0f;

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