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The point is that people can not loot your chests, and can not destroy them (Only If It's in a shelter, or a house, and only able to destroy with guns or explosives)

This means that people can not touch your items. So how are you going to raid? Glad you asked.

Destroy the building's walls with C4/Grenade or The doors With C4/Grenade/Hatchet/Pick Axe, and the raid mode goes on for the building owner and his friend's for a certain time. By default, you have 20 mins to loot (Unless you edit It) / destroyed wall, and the maximum you can have is 60 minutes. (Unless you edit It)

Sadly, the dizzy checks can be avoided with laggswitches, so this one should do the trick. No more missing items from the chests, unless you were really raided.

What about your friends?

Just type /addfriend yourfriendname and then /friendraid and It should do the trick. They will be able to open the chests after that.


/legitraid - Reload Config Permission: legitraid.reload
/friendraid - Whitelist all your Rust++ friends
/flushlegita - Flushes something (I wrote this years ago, check the source code) Permission: legitraid.flushlegita
/raida - Enter Admin Loot mode. Permission: legitraid.raida

RaidTime=20 ; If you destroy a wall/door you have 20 mins to raid the house / Destroy
MaxRaidTime=60 ; The maximum minutes the players can have to raid the house
AllowAllModerators=True ; Allow moderators to enter All Chest Loot Mode?
AutoWhiteListFriends=False ; If This is true, all the friends are whitelisted by default
WhiteListedIDs=76561197967414xxx,76561197961635xxx,76561197961634xxx ; If AllowAllModerators is False, list exception SteamIDs here.
CanOpenChestIfThereIsNoStructureClose=True ; If there is a chest somewhere, and there is no structure near It, you can open It without whitelist access
DataStoreTables=ShitBlaBla,Shitscrubbla ; If you run events, or something like that this plugin can make It incompatible to loot items from the chests. If the Specified Tables contain the SteamID as a Key, the plugin will ignore the loot cancel. I added HungerGames by default. https://github.com/dretax/LegitRaid/blob/master/LegitRaid.cs#L244

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