LootSpawner 1.2

LootSpawn position adder with RB support by me and Salva

  1. DreTaX
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    • C# (Modules)

    This plugin is able to add any type of loot at a given position with your management! Provided by me and Salva. It also has RB support, plugin will be released soon.
    This plugin is great if you have custom buildings or custom cities and you want to make them populated by spawning loot there =)

    • /addloot - Adds a loot to your position.
    • /clearloot - Deletes all custom spawned loot.
    • /reloadloot - Deletes all custom spawned loot, and reloads the loot positions from the ini file, and also loads the settings.
    • /forcespawnloot - Spawns all loot to the saved positions.
    Code (INI):
    Time=20 ; Every 20 minutes loot will spawn to the positions.
    AnnounceMSG=Loot positions are now filled! Go grab them!
    Distance=2.5 ; How many meters should a loot be away from the other one when adding spawnpoints?

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