MagmaFires 1.2

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Jint (Magma Plugin)
/fires on - empty fires ignite at dusk and burn through the night
/fires off - no fires ignite automatically
/fires restrict <steamID>- only empty fires owned by <steamID> ignite automatically
/fires clear <steamID>- remove all material in fires owned by <steamID>
/fires clear restrict - remove all material in fires owned by the restrict steamID
/fires clear all - remove all material in all fires on the server
Hidden command '/fires verbose' toggles on/off Verbose Logging. Only Player.Admin can use the /fires command.

Due to bad interaction with Decay, Fires set on the ground are not lighted. Furnaces and Campfires must be placed on a Structure part. The Structure must have 2 or more parts at the time the Furnace is deployed onto it.

Enough Wood to last the night is added to every Fire. Only Fires that are empty, or have only the Charcoal from last night, are given Wood and ignited.

If you don't want to give Wood to players' empty Fires every night, restrict MagmaFires to a SteamID whose Fires have been deployed out of the players' reach.
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