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MapTeleport 2019-03-03

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RustBuster Client Version
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This plugin teleports the player to anywhere on the server map just click and go. Very fast.
It covers many miles on the ground
Has configurator file
Administrator can decide if want or not normal players can teleport through the server
Display the icon of the player and other players and animals on the server
Automatically works for admin everytime NOT CHECK for admins


Map.dll <- plugin Rust Buster <- Python plugin
MapLegacy.png <- terrain map

Dependency plugin: GAutoDownloader

The Administrator must enable the module GAutoDownloader plugin
MapLegacy.png goes inside the AutoSendFiles folder at serverside

Admin can use commands:

/mapon <-- enable teleport to everyone use
/mapoff <-- disable teleport. Normal player can not use teleport

Admin ever can use teleport, NOT CHECK ini settings, ever working for admins

Tested and no errors
Report any bugs if you detect. Thanks.

Video of plugin running:
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