PermissionsManager 1.0.1

System permissions and groups, to be used as a reference for other plugins.

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    • C# (Modules)
    Permissions and groups system, basically works to give a player or a group permission.

    Commands for administrators:

    pex.grant user <playerName> <permission> - to add a permission to the player.
    pex.grant <group> <permission> - to add a group permission.
    pex.revoke user <playerName> <permission> - to remove a player permission.
    pex.revoke group <group> <permission> - to remove a group permission. add <group> - to create a group. rem <group> - to delete a group. user <playerName> <group> - add a player to the group. ruser <playerName> <group> - remove player from group.

    Developer References

    Reference: Check if you have permission

    Code (C#):
    if(!PermissionModule.hasPermission(player.UID, "tests")) { return; } // Not Permission
    Reference: Add group permission
    Code (C#):
    if(PermissionModule.addPermission(0, "pex.test", "test")) { return; } // Add success - Permission in group "test"
    Reference: Adding permission to the player
    Code (C#):
    if(PermissionModule.addPermission(player.UID, "pex.test", null)) { return; } // Add success - Permission player
    Remove group permission
    Code (C#):
    if(PermissionModule.remPermission(0, "test.use", "groupTest") { return; } // Remove group permission
    Remove player permission
    Code (C#):
    if(PermissionModule.remPermission(player.UID, "test.use", null) { return; } // Remove group permission
    Add player to group
    Code (C#):
    if(PermissionModule.addPlayerGroup(player.UID, "groupTest") { return; } // Add player to group
    Remove player from group
    Code (C#):
    if(PermissionModule.remPlayerGroup(player.UID, "groupTest") { return; } // Remove player from group
    Data : permissions
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