RustBusterServer 2.1.1

Fougerite Compatibility
Plugin's Engine
C# (Modules)

Welcome to the RustBuster System!
As you know, RustBuster was created to be a client side anticheat, and a future modding platform!

If you plan to join the future, you came to the right place!
If you want your server to appear in the ServerBrowser, write your server ip and port in the this section!



Download the files, and copy them to the right place.
Install the C# plugin as a usual Fougerite Module
Start your Server, and once It's online stop It.
Configure RustBusterServer if needed.
Don't use EAC/FAC/LegitRaid with RustBuster!

If your server is running on port 28015 ENSURE THAT 28016 IS OPEN, and 28017 IS ALSO OPEN. Your port and the two ports after It has to be open. For example If you are running It on 28356, then you also have to open 28357, and 28358

Basic tutorial on how to port forward: HERE

/rbban playername - Bans Player with HWID
/rbunban HWID - UnBans HWID
/rustbuster reload
/bliplist - Lists the blocked ipaddresses
/blip ipaddress - Unblocks the target ip
Console Commands
rb.reload - Reloads the config
rb.ban playername - Bans the player
rb.unban - Unbans the player
rb.blip - Unblocks the player's IP if it was blocked.

EnableAutoScreenShots=true ; Enable automatic screenshots.
ImageQuality=1024x768 ; The size of image that the screenshot will be resized to if the screen is larger.
NotifyMSG=[color yellow] Download RUSTBUSTER CLIENT AT [color green]
NotifyMSG2=Download RustBuster Client:
AllowNewVersions=false ; Allow Updated Clients to connect on the older versioned server.
AnnounceN=false ; Disable/Enable Non RustBuster client usage announcements.
Respond=False ; RB automatically closes the connection with the client and gives no reply by default If It failed to decrypt the received message, or anything else happened. This also causes the clients to receive the "Failed to connect 1" message if their IPs were blocked temporarely. Enabling this will tell them that they were disconnected for a specific reason, but people with a simple ping flood program can also flood your log files full. Your choice. (Last one is pretty unrealistic tho but can happen.)
RejectCount=4 ; Block IP for a certain of minutes from connecting If server found It's messages problematic. (This is after 4 messages.) DON'T SET THIS TO 0
RejectCooldown=15 ; Block IP for 15 minutes? DON'T SET THIS TO 0.
CheckForMovement=true ; Enable CCMotor value check?
CheckForWeapons=true ; Enable Weapon Datablock check?
BanFaultyIP=false ; This option is not related to the flood timers. This option is related to the RejectCount option. If RB detects false packets the user's IP will be blocked until the server is restartet once it reached RejectCount amount. You can set this to true to also trigger an IP ban.
FloodTempBanTime=15 ; How many minutes should the IP be blocked for if we detect a "flood"?
FloodConnections=2 ; How many times can an IP address send the same packets with in x seconds (FloodTimer)? This is to prevent fake packets from being flooded to the server, but may cause issues if for example 3 brothers were connecting to the server at the same time, from 3 different PCs. I recommend setting this to 2-3.
FloodTimer=10 ; x packets can be sent within FloodTimer seconds. Read above.
MaxServerChannels=2 ; How many server channels can an IP address open? This is also again to prevent fake packets just in case. If 3 brothers were playing again from the same IP, but different PCs this would cause issues. Recommended value is 2-3.
RBCheckCooldown=10 ; How many seconds should RB wait before checking whether the user is using an RB client or not? (Usually people take 10 seconds to load in on a server, this default value can be totally fine.)
There will be extra files too, but they will be more obvious.
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