RustBusterServer 1.9.5

RustBusterServer files

  1. 1.8.4

    • Small fixes
    • Added ability to bind the RB IP to the specified server's ip, by adding -ip IPADDRESSHERE to the bat file.
    • Added EnableAutoScreenShots=true TO THE CONFIG. Please add it or you will face errors!

    • Bunch of anti-cheat stuffs mostly made by 4g3v, you may run into a small amount of false positives also, if so, please report It. (Rarely the case, but we will look into it if you think it is :D)
    • Tweaking the client's system, and the screenshot has been reworked. You can now also take screenshots yourself using API.Hooks.TakeManualScreenshot(Action<byte[]> MethodToCall)
    • Additional changes and tweaks.
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