ServerAutoRestart 1.0

This .bat file automatically restarts every 1 hour

  1. watsitfts
    Fougerite Compatibility:
    All versions

    Turn off your server

    After apply and save your personal server settings in "ServerSettings.bat" following
    bellow instructions, only paste these two files in server root and click "ServerAutoRe_START"

    Make this:

    Save your real SERVER settings in ServerSettings.bat
    Please do not remove the last line "exit" from ServerSetting.bat

    Observe the example:

    @echo off
    rust_server.exe -insecure -batchmode -hostname "YourServerNameHere" -port 28015 -datadir "rust_server_Data/" -maxplayers 50 -cfg "cfg/server.cfg" -nolog
    exit <--- Do not remove this last command line here

    This .bat restarter was tested Windows Server 2012 and working fine

    Please DONT CHANGE NOTHING inside ServerAutoRe_START.bat if you dont know what you doing

    Default restart after 1 hour