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Stats is a plugin to store and display statistics of players, is inspired by the Rank ++ plugin, so I thank its creator.
In addition to displaying statistics to players within the game, it offers the possibility of sending data to a MySQL database to be displayed on a web. The web will show much more data than the ones shown inside the game.
Just extract the Save and Module folders in the root directory of your server and add this line in the Fougerite.cfg:
Stats = Stats
If in the configuration file you define useMysql = true and you configure the data of your mysql server, you will send the data in the database, I must clarify that the table must be called exactly stats.
You will also find a folder called globalstats that has a statistics page that I made, it is made with symfony 3.2 + bootstrap 4, and obviously you will realize that it is very basic, anyone who knows how to work with web can improve it much more. If someone has any problem to put the web to work, you can write me in private and I will help you.
In the future I intend to further expand the saved data, specifically save each resource that the player collects separately, and also reprogram the web to a more current version of symfony.
Here I attach the available commands:

Player commands

/stat – Help.
/stats - Check your stats.
/stats playername - Check a player's stats.
/top category - See the top 5 most valuable players.
Valid Top Categories: kills, deaths, headshots, time, pve, gathering.

Admin commands

/stat delete - Delete all stats.
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