SupplySignals 1.0

Simple Plugin for block SupplySignals or Show a Message when a SupplySignal Throwed

  1. Assassin
    Fougerite Compatibility:
    1.6.6 +
    Plugin's Engine:
    • Python (IronPython)
    You Can Block Supply Signals in your server with this plugin or You can set a message for when a Supply Signal throwed,

    for config you must find this in plugin:

    Code (Python):
    if you want to Block Supply Signals in your server you must set BlockSupplySignals=0 to BlockSupplySignals=1

    and if you don't want have that message when a Supply Signal throws you must set SupplyMessage=1 to SupplyMessage=0

    i know it is so simple,but i promise i will develop it to better Plugin ;)