TeleportMap 2019-03-03


  1. Iheater
    Fougerite Compatibility:
    All Versions
    Resource Collabolators:
    Juli, Ice Cold, Heey
    Plugin's Engine:
    • C# (Modules)
    Created by Minx and Ice Cold.

    Update to the plugin, version 1.0 very limited!

    Usage /warpadd <name> <time> <false/true> - to create a warp.

    Descriptions the commands

    -name - This set the name of the teleport

    -time - This sets the waiting time for the teleport

    -false/true - If you wanted what teleport set to be only for adminsistradores use true, if not, use false

    Usage /warpremove - to remove a warp.

    Usage /warps - To list available teleports

    Usage /warp name - To teleport somewhere

    Remember that if you do not like it, you can change it in:


    Source code: