TpFriend 3.7.6

Teleport Request

  1. DreTaX
    Fougerite Compatibility:
    Plugin's Engine:
    • Python (IronPython)
    Requires: IronPython Libs

    Originally made by haylax, I'm just keeping it up. (Well since then I totally rewrote It.)

    Sends teleportation request to target player.

    - Player Commands -
    /tpa - Help info.
    /tpcount - Show current teleport count / max values.
    /tpa PlayerName - Send resquest to player.Ex: /tpa Haylax
    /tpaccept - Accept request.
    /tpdeny - Deny request.
    /tpresettime - For admins to Reset the time.
    /tpcancel - Cancel your request
    /clearuses - For admins to clear ALL player's TPA teleport usage count.

    Code (INI):
    Maxuses=0 ; Maxuses
    cooldown=1200000 ; Cooldown, 20*60*1000 = 1200000 (20 mins)
    timeoutr=35 ; Teleport Request Timeout
    tpdelay=10 ; Tpdelay, 0 to disable
    run_timer=2 ; Leave this on 2 please
    safetpcheck=2 ; Second Teleportation against dizzy hack, you should leave this on 2
    DizzyDist=2.6 ; Recommended to keep between 2.0 and 3.0 This is the number that checks If the player fell too many meters down while teleporting. (Anti Dizzy) 2.0 is really sensitive, might kick people who are clean, but safer, 3.0 is unsafe, and won't kick  that much. I recommend 2.4 to 2.6
    CheckIfPlayerIsNearStructure=0 ; 1 to turn on
    CheckIfPlayerIsOnDeployable=0 ; 1 to turn on
    CheckIfPlayerIsInShelter=0 ; 1 to turn on
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jakkee
    Version: 3.7
    Can't have a modded server without this
    1. DreTaX
  2. Sturt
    Version: 3.4
    Amazing plugin, the only one that doesn't crash my server!!!
    1. DreTaX
  3. truongdatnhan
    Version: 2.5.9
    My players talk to me that the TPA just work for a time and not working
    So i decided to test again
    The problem is when it's say teleporting in 10 seconds but it don't teleport you to player
    1. DreTaX
      Author's Response
      Fougerite version?
  4. BH09
    Version: 2.5.9
    Love your plugins!
    1. DreTaX
  5. SPooCK
    Version: 2.5.5
    I'm happy that you are using my code in your plugin :D It makes me feel proud that a coder from your level use my codes :D
    1. DreTaX
      Author's Response
      Good way of checking for a player at all by name, and It's really fast. My level is nothing special, and I thank the good function.
  6. Happy
    Version: 2.5.3
    Working Great ! <3
    1. DreTaX
  7. SPooCK
    Version: 2.5.1
    Finaly the long waited teleport is here :D I hope you set up that Auto Finding Nick system idea that i gave you :P
    1. DreTaX