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Wiper was designed to wipe all the Player's objects, if the player has been inactive for more than the configured days.

The Player InActivity Date gets updated on every Connection.

The plugin also checks automatically for wipeable objects in every hour.

Those players who have objects on the server, but haven't been on the server since you added wiper, will also receive the day cooldown, and their objects won't get insta wiped.

Since 1.2 Wiper now has a Decay system. It was designed to deal a configured damage in a configured time for every object.


/wipehelp - List all the commands.
/wipecheck - Checks for inactive objects
/wipetimerreset - Restarts the timer.
/wipeid playerid - Wipes All the objects of the ID
/wipebarr - Deletes all barricades
/wipecampf - Deletes all camp fires
/wipeforced - Force decay.
/wipewl playerid - Whitelists ID so It will never get wiped.


UseDayLimit=True  ; Enable maxdays timer. The daylimit will always do the logging, if this is False, you can still do /wipecheck manually.
MaxDays=14 ; Don't set this to 0. Cooldown in days to wipe player's objects.
Broadcast=True ; Broadcast if the server is checking for wipeable objects?
UseDecay=True ; Use Decay System?
WipeCheckTimer=30 ; Time to check the wipeable objects. It's in minutes
DecayTimer=180 ; Time to run the decay automatically. It's in minutes. 60 = 1 hour.
UserDataPath=REMOVETHISCAPSLOCKEDWORD\rust_server_Data\userdata\ ; Path to the userdata folder where all the userid directories can be found. Set It If It's required. Once you did It, remove the caps locked word 'REMOVETHISCAPSLOCKEDWORD', and reload the plugin.
The damage and the health on the objects that are effected are the following:

Damage - MaxHp

WoodFoundation=50 ;Hp: 2500.0
WoodDoorFrame=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
WoodPillar=80 ;Hp: 5000.0
WoodWall=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
MetalWall=32 ;Hp: 2000.0
WoodCeiling=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
WoodWindowFrame=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
WoodStairs=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
MetalCeiling=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
MetalDoorFrame=32 ;Hp: 2000.0
MetalPillar=80 ;Hp: 5000.0
MetalFoundation=80 ;Hp: 5000.0
WoodRamp=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
MetalStairs=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
MetalRamp=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
MetalWindowFrame=32 ;Hp: 2000.0
SmallStash=1 ;Hp: 100.0
MetalDoor=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
LargeWoodSpikeWall=35 ;Hp: 1500.0
WoodBox=4 ;Hp: 500.0
WoodGate=30 ;Hp: 1800.0
WoodGateway=32 ;Hp: 2000.0
Campfire=5 ;Hp: 500.0
WoodBoxLarge=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
Furnace=5 ;Hp: 500.0
WoodenDoor=5 ;Hp: 500.0
Wood_Shelter=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
Workbench=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
WoodSpikeWall=7 ;Hp: 750.0
MetalBarsWindow=32 ;Hp: 2000.0
Barricade_Fence_Deployable=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
RepairBench=25 ;Hp: 1000.0
SleepingBagA=5 ;Hp: 500.0
SingleBed=5 ;Hp: 500.0
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