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  1. estantaya

    Recursos 1.0

    This is a modification of GatherPlus Smart code using lists instead of conditionals, only one command, only one On_Event, and new functionality to edit available items from resources Example of use: /recursos 0 5 multiply x5 the Wood resource /recursos see a list of items with their ids for...
  2. estantaya

    Looking for a older version of rust with zombies.

    zombies are the original idea but facepunch members are too scary from other zombies like games at the moment
  3. estantaya

    Im new we trying to create a sign plugin

    hello ima nerdy sub-human from argentina my sign plugin todo: download mySign.unity3d bundle in all clients that enter my server create locally a mySign cache list for game objects of type MySign create some sort of netcode for MySign entities end pd: fougerite is the first mod for rust legacy...