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    Hello peeps

    Welcome to the Fougerite community.
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    Welcome to the Fougerite community.
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    Server List

    Create a server which contains both Fougeite and Rustbuster configure it well, make sure your server is ready to be played by players and once you have done everything goes in section in forum- Request server to be adde in server browser and follow the template to post create new post and post...
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    update port change on existing server

    What server is it? please add full info of servers while posting the post.
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    help worldeditor

    Try G downloader
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    Wrong channel Honza, Join Comunity discord or just write the question on the support section. Don't ask to ask JUST ASK
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    The server is not working anymore, please check IP or keep the port open. It needs to be checked before Approved.Thnx
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    Approved AntiAdvert

    It is already the latest version updated
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    Rust Buster as created by fougerite?

    Yes, it is built by Fougerite and we don't sell it because you can have everything for free., once you are able to download resources visit resources page and download whatever you require to build a server or plugins for it.
  10. Revezunds

    how to get people to connect to my server

    You should try to update your server version first, there is actually a prebuild with latest updated FG and RB version you should get that . Also its not just "F1 then do rcon.login "yourpassword" you have to do your password in brackets" Once you have logged in through Rcon you go in game...
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    set admin

    To set admin launch the game -Join the server 1. Press F1 open console and write rcon.login "yourserverpassword" 2. Now in-game chat write /setmasteradmin That will give you all the Flags an Admin can have and you will be able to do all admin Commands. 3. To make sure you have all Perms write in...
  12. Revezunds

    Approved PaperShop

    Really want to use this plugin waiting for an updated version. Cheers!!
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    Approved Stats

    The plugin is outdated need file to be created in save automatically .please check and update
  14. Revezunds

    Approved Rank++

    Any update possible here?
  15. Revezunds

    idea in Rustbuster

    It has been already in progress and achieved by one of our Developer @salva you can follow the progress here:
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    How to install RB plugins?

    Download the plugin and add it to the folder where required .py plugins in pyplugins and c# in Modules and save respectively
  17. Revezunds

    Approved Duel

    Can you block also a player to player Teleport, and if there is any kind of command related to teleporting is a few players still found a way to abuse now this time with another method I will DM you.
  18. Revezunds

    How to install RB plugins?

    just banned all other spams, no need to ask they have been told multiple times.
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    How can i update RB srvr

    Download Rustbuster serve the latest version and copy the files and replace. i will suggest downloading a pre-made server file the latest version with the latest update of Fougerite version and Rustbuster
  20. Revezunds

    Legacy server requirements

    just get a regular VPS to host if you want to host on a dedicated machine 8 GB ram will be enough. Cpu cores and connections are not much matter a decent one should work fine.