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  1. G0D_Father48

    MaDGaMeS | Wipe Every Month | Full Options | ACtive Server - OptimaZeD FpS - BeSt PinG |

    ServerIP: ServerPort: 28015 Using RustBuster?: Yes Fougerite Server?: Yes
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    Important Fougerite's last supportive update has been released. (1.7.9)

    Hello DreTax You Are the best Tank You For Supporting these years for Rust Legacy <3
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    HeLlo every one , 2 days ago i get error from my server I dont know what is it and what happend on my server, can anyone help me ? error from rust : Cannot connect to server. Contact administrator can any one helpMe for Fix this ? ? this error spam every secend on consol :/
  4. G0D_Father48

    hello fougerite community!

    HI and welcome to Fourgerite if you want to learn how to create rust server you can call me and i i will help you for do it . Have a Nice Day <3
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    Approved EasyMenu [Deleted]

    Nice work my Friend Please add some more items to it Like Ping Display and Players Online Have a Nice Day <3
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    rust++ airdrop question

    Its Just Minimum amount of players that airdrop plugin will drop Supply automaticlly Have a Nice Day <3
  7. G0D_Father48

    RustBuster crashing in gray facepunch screen

    You shoud download C++ Redistributable runtime First and then restart your computer and try again ! after that you don't have any error in gray Facepunch . Have a Nice Day <3
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    How Can I download Latest RustBuster plugin ?

    You can download it Here <3
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    Salam manm iraniam:| discord darid ? kareton darm

    Salam manm iraniam:| discord darid ? kareton darm
  10. G0D_Father48

    how to create Display Damage plugins ?

    Hi every one , i want to show you how to show display damage in rust lagacy server Lets start. First importing and then Following codes to create ro plugin ! . __author__ = 'amir' __version__ = '2.0' import clr import system clr.AddReferenceByPartialName("Fougerite") import Fougerite """...
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    How to create good message plugins "PY"

    HI Every one , in this tutorials i am going to show you how to create plugins that can send messages to player when connecting or disconnecting .... from the server ! First we are going to write versions and our name in top of the plugin __author__ = 'your name' __version__ = '1.0' then we...