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  1. Revezunds

    Important How to update Fougerite

    @zizka123 here it is, you should research a bit on website there are every resources around just try to find the ways Read forum and find the answers before spamming questions everywhere
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    Здесь русские есть?

    Maybe you can translate and write in English so we all can understand actually what you are trying to ask or say.
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    I need some help Come in please!

    As suggested to others, i will also ask you to join Discord as it is much easier to get help there where we have multiple people helping you at a time. Joi and write your question with an explanation and soon someone will reply to help. As there may be multiple reasons it is better to have...
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    Cant connect

    You guys need to join Discord and write thee as its much easier to have access to everyone there and talk. It will be much faster Join discord and explain your questions there.
  5. Revezunds

    Cant connect

    Are you using any plugins? if not make sure you have Authallow installed as it is must
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    I need some help Come in please!

    Send your Output logs and server logs
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    Approved SpareSupplies

    The plugin has a huge bug or Duping Items, I tried to fix, but it is still like that, removed from the server for now. will not explain here how to use bug, but recycling Guns in a particular way can dupe huge number of LQM.
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    Approved WorldEditor

    As you have to like all plugins to download, same just like the resources which you want to download and you can have access to it
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    I need some help Come in please!

    You need this to let players and yourself join the server Auth Allow is must have
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    Update breakes my whole server?

    Is it a question or Thanks?
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    Hello community I need recommendations

    Just go to the resource section and choose the plugins which you think your server should have. It depends on the type of server you would like to create Some plugins those are must have been Death message, Tp friend, home system, AuthAllow and Destroy system. rest is all your choice.
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    Where download latest client (for Fougerite 1.72)?

    You can download the client here only in resource section go and find Rustbuster client Make sure you like the resource you want to download
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    i need new map

    Not the right way to request a feature, I have also sent you warning for your mess at plugin and other forum sections please do not repeat. We don't like spammers
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    bug craft items

    The wrong topic to post your complaint, please post on the right topic, Also Incomplete post, and the picture you posted is not there. i will suggest to add server logs and output files to look in depth and join discord and ask for help in right section with all resources like server logs etc as...
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    I Want acces

    Hello, Firstly the post you posted is on the wrong Topic. the section is for Fougerite core discussions and to download the resources if in case you didn't read this
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    Approved Enhanced Ban System

    Not the right place to report the complaint about a server ban, its plugin page. you can either write directly to the server owner or ask for assistance or report on their community website or Discord. that might help you surely.
  17. Revezunds|Vanilla|Active Admins|AirDrops|VIPsystem|

    Will check soon keep it active . Cheers!!
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    Approved AutoKit in C#

    Go to resource you want to download, like it and hence you can download
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    Introduction - Narc

    welcome to the community
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    Approved Clans

    Waoo, how are you getting all these errors, i bet there is a problem with server config or a file. are you on the latest version of fougerite and Rutbuster Build?