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  1. DreTaX

    Is this srv still running?
  2. DreTaX

    Approved Wiper

    As far as i remember the original rust decay check runs every tick.
  3. DreTaX

    Supporting old rust

    It's useless. Create your assets, and make the AI.
  4. DreTaX

    Approved Discord WebHook Bot

    You actually put the handling in a sub thread ^^ The Fougerite system now shows if something takes very long to call. The page just explains that there are functions that must be called on the main thread.
  5. DreTaX

    Approved Discord WebHook Bot
  6. DreTaX

    RustBusterServer - 2.0.9

    New config option. Reset your cfg file, or use the main page to write the new one in. The default values of the config changed. Client side plugins should be loading much faster now when there is a lot of them. +20 characters for the server name limit in the browser.
  7. DreTaX

    Approved Discord WebHook Bot

    Overall code seems fine, and safe. Approved. I suggest to use threading when doing web requests, because It will hold down the main thread, and will cause the server to lagg sometimes. (I know, the wiki is down.) Loom.ExecuteInBiggerStackThread(lambda: WebHook.execute() )
  8. DreTaX

    error ironpython

    If you are unable to solve this we can help by tw...
  9. DreTaX

    error ironpython

    There is no ironpython module in 1.7.0+ Already stated to watch the videos, useless thread, closing.
  10. DreTaX

    How download RB

    what error
  11. DreTaX

    Introduction - Jakkee

    People with plugin dev, contrib, moderator, admin, are bypassed from the post checks. Though you already have a lot of posts.
  12. DreTaX

    Download Link Direct Offline?

    The problem is fixed.
  13. DreTaX

    Fougerite wants to know It's community more

    Dear users of Fougerite, We have made some changes on the website, which will affect passive users. You are no longer able to download resources without having atleast 1 post. I suggest you to introduce yourself here, because spam is prohibited, and useless posts will not be approved...
  14. DreTaX

    Introduce yourself here

    You may introduce yourself here. Tell us why are you here, what your intentions are, and where are you from.
  15. DreTaX

    Auth error RB

    It doesn't. Your server is faulty, and you are not using the latest fougerite. This discussion seems to lead nowhere just the "have bug" false statements, use the video to understand how fougerite works. Closing thread.
  16. DreTaX

    Is very trash!

    I do not get what you are saying but ok.
  17. DreTaX

    discord webhook

  18. DreTaX

    Approved Clans

    Thanks for the report, seems like a simple key error. You may test that.