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  1. Pompeyo


    Here is the texture
  2. Pompeyo


    you are correct, we should start by editing the assets
  3. Pompeyo


    Does not exist, zombies were removed from the rust legacy a long time ago
  4. Pompeyo

    can't download

    You must be registered, react to the resource, and I think you can only download 3 daily resources
  5. Pompeyo

    I have some problem

    Try to write text to the chat: Fougerite.Server.GetServer().Broadcast("Text"); To write a message on the console F1, try: Debug.Log("Text");
  6. Pompeyo

    Hello good peoples of Fougerite

    There are a variety of accessories published on this website, you should check them, you will probably find everything you need
  7. Pompeyo

    Approved RadZones

    Block in what way? I have a plugin that I did some time ago for that function
  8. Pompeyo

    Approved RadZones

    I have an update almost ready, where I use the native radiation system of the rust, to add new areas, work much more efficiently and have the visual and sound effect included. In the next few days this plugin will be updated
  9. Pompeyo

    Rust Legacy is Better than new Rust

    I don't think it's better, it's just more sensible to play and many of us wouldn't want to let it go. Too much love for the legacy But undoubtedly experimental rust is very superior in every way, you just need to have a rustbuster
  10. Pompeyo

    I need some rust files

    and as if that rustbuster is the most efficient anticheat system that could have
  11. Pompeyo

    help worldeditor

    I've never really worked on changing icons, I couldn't help you
  12. Pompeyo

    help worldeditor

    you must create a plugin for that
  13. Pompeyo

    help worldeditor

    in the WorldEditorServer folder you must have the asset, I think that's what happens to you
  14. Pompeyo

    help worldeditor

    To change the name of the asset you must make changes to the code, you can work perfectly with that asset name. If you can explain better what is the problem you have
  15. Pompeyo

    Fougerite + oxide? No?

    nope, but you send the wide range of plugins published here, I don't think you need to use any of oxide
  16. Pompeyo

    Small bugs

    Well, the error of seeing the same weapons is deep in an asset, apparently all weapons have an item of representation, and for example in long weapons they all have that same item, I suppose, if one day we could edit the assets This problem could be corrected, but this would imply a modification...
  17. Pompeyo

    Approved Stats

    Pompeyo updated Stats with a new update entry: Bopdypart.ini included Read the rest of this update entry...
  18. Pompeyo

    Stats - Bopdypart.ini included

    I will perform a general update of the plugin in the next few days, while you can use this update, which contains the file bopdypart.ini
  19. Pompeyo

    Approved Stats

    mmmmm ok I will check
  20. Pompeyo

    Approved NoNameChanged

    Pompeyo submitted a new resource: NoNameChanged - NoNameChanged Read more about this resource...