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  1. gintaras

    Approved GAutoDownloader

    gintaras submitted a new resource: GAutoDownloader - Sends files to player pc Read more about this resource...
  2. gintaras

    Source code of mck

    I'm ending my server admin days so i will share my server goods. Here is rustbuster plugins source code
  3. gintaras

    Approved G Aim

    gintaras submitted a new resource: G Aim - Shows dot in middle of screen and On/Off button Read more about this resource...
  4. gintaras

    Lag from rustbuster client side

    Hi, yeap thats me again. So alot of my server players ~80% suffers from CPU spikes and freezes them for 2-3 sec, ofcourse you think its server but no all is random for each individualy and spike base time depends on CPU power If cpu 4 core 0 spikes If cpu 2 core 2.4ghz ~2sec 2.1 ghz ~3sec No...
  5. gintaras

    Stoping fougerite kicking players

    Hi, What I will talk - everyone knows. Players get lost connections from lag or somthing similer Like me always when first time loading. Its loading to long, so server kicks me. Next time is all fine, until i restart game Some players suffers from ping spikes or something and get kicked or dc...
  6. gintaras

    Placing opbject on your self [BUG]

    Hi, In my server (fogerite+buster) there are ppl you glith I dont know how it calls but they place on them self fondation and they are in side and can shoot to others but they are untouchible maybe it is possible with other objects i dont know need fix for this
  7. gintaras

    New RustBuster update has errors (V1.3.6)

    Hi, Until 1.3.5 was everything fine but with new 1.3.6 update server stresses from problem every like from 5min to 2h it happens that all players get kick from server and trying to reconnect it writes download rustbuster ... after like 10mins everything gets fine and can connect, server...
  8. gintaras

    Need help On_Crafting()

    How to change ingridients i dont undestand i tryed to get data from on crafting with this: def On_Crafting(self, CraftingEvent): if CraftingEvent.Player.Admin: ini2 = Plugin.GetIni("TestBase") ini2.AddSetting("Testas", "Amount",str(CraftingEvent.Amount))...
  9. gintaras

    Saving plugin data on shutdown

    Hi, i need somehow to detect when server is shuting down to save plugin data to file i tryed On_PluginShutdown but it not worked any suggestions?
  10. gintaras

    Approved MCK.LT

    ServerIP: ServerPort: 28015 Using RustBuster?: Yes Fougerite Server?: Yes
  11. gintaras

    Rust legacy on linux

    Hi, I'm searching how to run on linux vps i have 7Ghz server with 6gp ram I tryed lauch with wine but got errors GL ad DirectX i tryed install directX but no help i want to create server with rustbuster and allow cracked to play maybe someone can help to set-up server?