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  1. Watch dogs

    no double names

    Hello can someone if got time make a plugin to stop double names so multiple players joining with the same name cant use the same players name so other players know who they talk to etc maybe if player joins with the same name could have it set to kick saying someone already joined with that...
  2. Watch dogs

    decay system

    where can you turn decay off on normal legacy decay files if i right is this bit where to turn it off because i going to use wiper instead [Fougerite] ; uncomment to disable Fougerite, to disable version announce at login, ; or to enable structure and deployed item decay ;enabled=false...
  3. Watch dogs

    why people don't answer your question

    What is going on with fougerite? you ask on the forms about problem or a error NO reply back or nothing example like geoip i ask so many times about this issue and what it says and error, another one similar issue building restriction plugin there i posted the error messages i sent what poop up...