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    Introduction - Jakkee

    I might as well kick things off first. You won’t see me often but I lerk the forms and discord. I’m here to develop plugins and help out where I can. I’m not as active as once was due to working a new career which takes up wayyyyy to much of my time. I’m currently living in Australia so if you...
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    Server API

  3. Jakkee

    Permissions (Development stage)

    You have found yourself here because you are after a permission system? Well bad news, It's not even close to being finished :D:D:D Will take some time to finish as im lazy, May post to my github for others to help fix bugs and add shit. Do you have any ideas/requests you'd like this API to...
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    Important Possible end to rust legacy? (Steam)

    Quote from playrust: Looks like cracked clients are the way to go soon
  8. Jakkee

    Solved Plugin.GetPlugin()?

    How does one get a plugin from another plugin, E.G: Js to Python. function On_Command(Player, cmd, args) { if(cmd == "test") { //var donatorrank = Plugin.GetPlugin("DonatorRank"); var donatorrank = Fougerite.GlobalPluginCollector.GetPlugin("DonatorRank")...
  9. Jakkee

    Single plugins folder

    I was thinking about to have just a single plugins folder, Would make it very for people who are new to fougerite to install plugins. I'd assume its possible to do this, Also have C# plugins in the same folder? Would save the person from looking up how to find Fougerite.CFG and adding it in...
  10. Jakkee

    Approved PortalGun

    Jakkee submitted a new resource: PortalGun - Teleport to where you are looking! Read more about this resource...
  11. Jakkee

    Approved TempMute

    Jakkee submitted a new resource: TempMute - Temporary mute players and automatically unmutes Read more about this resource...
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    Solved ParallelTimer

    ParallelTimer is not callingback? No errors. I need a second pair of eyes to go over this.. I've been over this a million times and can not find out why its not calling back. Tried on 1.1.6 and 1.1.7D elif cmd == "vtp": users = self.getUserIni() if...
  17. Jakkee

    Solved Raycasting from an entity?

    I am trying to raycast from an entity into the sky, This is what I have and it keeps returning turn weather or not its under something. class RockBaseFinder: def On_EntityDeployed(self, Player, Entity): if Player.Admin: origin = Util.CreateVector(Entity.X, Entity.Y...
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    Hey! So I've decided to try and change the default stack sizes like my Pluton plugin: I only have 1 problem, I can't actually set the stack amount. You can get a stack about by doing: def On_ItemsLoaded(self, ItemsBlocks): Util.Log("9mm...
  19. Jakkee

    Solved Loops, GetSetting()

    Basically I'd like to get the value from a setting an ini file. E.G [Items] Metal Ore=250 I'd like to get "250". This is what I have at the moment: keys = Plugin.GetIni("Settings").EnumSection("Items") setting = Plugin.GetIni("Settings").GetSetting...
  20. Jakkee

    Auto plugin updater / Version checker

    I see only 2 problems with this; 1- Getting a plugins version you'd have to search the plugins website page (1900ish lines) 2- Downloading a newer version would require a logged in account or it can not download it. Has anyone tried this? I guess the fixes would be; 1- Another website page that...