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  1. DreTaX

    Emerald Gaming

    is this the latest ip of emerald?
  2. DreTaX

    Dedicated server setup ?

  3. DreTaX

    why this code doesn't works ?

    Named file as Are you getting any errors?
  4. DreTaX

    Launcher Error

  5. DreTaX

    RustBuster is the local address of your PC not the actual IP.
  6. DreTaX


    That's a freaking local server ip.
  7. DreTaX

    Fougerite Official

    DreTaX updated Fougerite Official with a new update entry: 1.7.9E Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. DreTaX

    Fougerite Official - 1.7.9E

    Patcher updated, re patch or use the prepatched dlls. Fougerite.dll updated Rust++ dll updated Code fixes LootEvent no longer uses timer, but proper value return
  9. DreTaX

    Fougerite Official

  10. DreTaX

    Launcher Error

    I'll take a look on 16th.
  11. DreTaX

    Fougerite Official

    You need to update the Rust++ dll aswell.
  12. DreTaX

    Fougerite Official

    give me full error..
  13. DreTaX

    Fougerite Official

  14. DreTaX


    Use Thread, and normal download.
  15. DreTaX

    Fougerite Official

    give full error
  16. DreTaX

    Approved AdminPlus

    Jakkee updated AdminPlus with a new update entry: 3.1.0 Read the rest of this update entry...