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  1. mikec

    Fougerite Patcher [Deleted]

    mikec submitted a new resource: Fougerite Patcher - Patches Fougerite into Assembly-CSharp.dll Read more about this resource...
  2. mikec

    Approved Sleepy TPMaster

    mikec submitted a new resource: Sleepy TPMaster - sleepy's TPMaster plugin for Magma, updated for Fougerite's MagmaPlugin Read more about this resource...
  3. mikec

    New release imminent, and magic

    Just a heads up. I closed a bunch of issues, and finished the new command parsing. It works really well. Many other bugs have been fixed. But I am really proud of the command parser. You no longer need to put names of players and items in quotes, but you can if you want to. Type all in...
  4. mikec

    Approved Edge.js: V8 in Fougerite?

    I am looking at Edge.js. It has a disadvantage compared to Jint. It requires installing node.exe for Windows on the Rust server host. But it's far more powerful than Jint. C# code called from Javascript is compiled on the spot. Javascript doesn't have to deal with types or anything like that...
  5. mikec

    Important API: Fougerite.Player

    The current state of the Fougerite.Player class, Static and Instance methods, arguments and return values. Fougerite.Player - Static Methods public static int LD(string s, string t) // returns an integer indicating the Levenshtein Distance between the two strings passed // It is equal to the...
  6. mikec

    Approved JZap

    mikec submitted a new resource: JZap - Zap all stuff owned by a player from the server with one hit. Read more about this resource...
  7. mikec

    Important Javascript, SteamID64, and You

    TL;DR: Javascript cannot handle 64bit integers - SteamID as a number - without losing precision in as many as 3 of the least significant digits. Therefore, when presenting a SteamID to Javascript - Player.SteamID & GameID, Entity.OwnerID & CreatorID, and so on - it will always need to be a...
  8. mikec

    MySql and Redis support

    I can add MySql support. It's pretty easy. But what do you want to use it for? How much help do you want from Fougerite using it in your plugin? If I instance a MySqlClient object and hand it back to you, is that all you need? MySQL C# tutorial Connect C# to MySQL It seems to me that this...
  9. mikec

    Fougerite Official release

    Get your red-hot Fougerite Official v1.0.7 right here....
  10. mikec

    Fougerite Official

    mikec submitted a new resource: Fougerite Official - Fougerite Official Release Read more about this resource...
  11. mikec

    Important Fougerite Github Repository

    I've chosen to transfer ownership of my fork of the original Fougerite Github repository to the Pluton-Team Github organization. The original repository will not receive any more pushes from me. I don't know the whereabouts or intentions of the owner of the Github org for Fougerite, so I don't...
  12. mikec

    Fougerite Official server IP Address Change

    FPSplayers had to move the server off of failing hardware. Effective now, the server's new address is: net.connect net.connect
  13. mikec

    Solved Thank You For Your Interest In Pluton!

    has a forum devoted to it now. Please click on over there and sign up to continue these discussions. Thank you for your support!
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    Get Off My Lawn - Replacement for the disabled Decay system. Limit the size, number, material, and proximity to neighbors/statics/rad zones/spawn zones of player structures and deployable objects. Use Rust++ doorshare to allow friends to build next to each other or share structures. Allows...
  15. mikec

    Approved PlayerLog

    mikec submitted a new resource: PlayerLog - Update to example script included with JintPlugin Read more about this resource...
  16. mikec

    Arena plugin?

    What's a good one? I built a Thunderdome on Fougerite Official server, and want to show off an Arena plugin.
  17. mikec

    Fougerite modded Servers

  18. mikec

    Important Fougerite Official Server

    I am pleased to announce that I have taken it upon myself to nominate, appoint, and rename my FPSplayers server as the unofficial Fougerite Official Rust Server client.connect client.connect If you find a problem with Fougerite, login to...
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    "Stop" can only be called on an active agent that has been placed on a NavMesh.

    Animals sometimes get underneath the terrain in certain areas. There is a low hill in the middle of Resource Valley where this happens often. You're walking around and hear bears barking, but can't see them. When you get to the other side of the hill the bear emerges from the edge of the...