Important About LootCancel Event


Probably knows the answer...
Jun 29, 2014
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Remember why LegitRaid was sort of crap?
It was because after a given time, you couldn't open the chests when you were spamming E button on them.

This was because when I wanted to patch the eject method correctly, It was protected, and the patching failed. Also, the Eject method couldn't be called like that, It said an outside script was calling the method and that should never happen...

Well @salva reminded me, and looked into this again. A simple variable type changing and setting It seems to work lol.. I'm surprised that I have never tried this.

Canceling the event however is still not good, It will cause an error, because the LootEvent Enter doesn't finish in time in Rust, so I have to delay It a bit with a small timer. But upon that, no more location faking, and It seems to work pretty well. I spammed E on It.

Will be in the next release.

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