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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Jan 8, 2017.

By DreTaX on Jan 8, 2017 at 1:02 PM
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    Dear users of Fougerite,

    Apparently some newbies would like to get in the way of RustBuster, and we know that atleast 70 people in a skype group would like to work against It.

    On this day, I will be releasing a pretty heavy stuff against these guys just in-case.

    All users should be updating to It once It comes out. Be ready when that happens.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Jan 8, 2017.

    1. xandeturf
      wtf 70 people '--' , I'm almost finishing my plugins, I'll be contributing anticheat in rustbuster.
    2. salva
      This is ... haters vs dretax ???
    3. DreTaX
      This is what I got:

    4. salva
      Lol, I hate this kind of performances .. you've invested too much time in this dretax project ... I do not like that someone is trying to break it ... luckily I think it will be easy to counter what they do because the rustbuster updates will keep To hack away .. Good lucky !!!
    5. tarynkelley
    6. DreTaX
      I'm releasing tomorrow.
    7. Mehran
      Don't care mate, try to improve and they don't can't do anything.
    8. ChoSeN
      Im ashamed because these people that you mentioned from skype are all from my country...
      I HATE WHEN PEOPLE CANT PLAY THE GAME WITHOUT HACK. The game is not meant to be played with hacks just play the game how it's made....

      Thats why im also trying to solve the problem why rustbuster is not working on my server. Tried everything to prevent hackers and this looks like the best solution but sadly its not working for me :(
    9. salva
      I recommend you read the following thread

      Perhaps in some of the posts postrados you will find the solution, luck !!!
    10. Jakkee
      Post your server and clients RustBuster.log in the correct thread (Or create another thread) and you'll get some help on what's going wrong for you :)
      EDIT: Nvm, Already did :p
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    11. Sturt
      People just need to accept that other wish to play fair, and stop trying to destroy what others build. If you want to hack so bad there are plenty of other servers to go to, I don't know what inspires people to try to ruin other's hopes, must have nothing better in life to do..... Dretax sorry you have to deal with people like that, I hope that you can make it impossible for these hackers to get into RustBuster :)
    12. ☣MR.DEATH☣
      Dear DreTax,
      We should not give a F about noobs 70 players what they do or what they won't u made buster its flawless i my self an administrator on ur friend sturt's server by this time i banned about 12 hackers from server and rest of buster busted do them but they still able to get in aimbot shot esp when they trigger something wrong this occur.

      Hope u understand they can connect and play do aimbotting something they do and then it trigger anti cheat i my self delt with pigs like this.
      Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
    13. deadly
      Hey so dretax i didnt know where to post this, but today i tried to join on a server and this happend.
      I got no hacks whatsoever and i got banned for some reason.
    14. Jakkee
      I get the same thing, Pretty sure its only 2 servers (Whitelisted)
    15. DreTaX
      Thats interesting.
    16. DreTaX
      I just went on the Cripzmodded server.

      They use FAC, and I got autotested, and then banned by FAC.

      FAC has a big:

      What's wrong with people? Huge red lines are there not to use It.
    17. ☣MR.DEATH☣
      DreTax it happen to me too i don't know that how but when i timeout from server and join back again it auto ban me i don't know what is reason but please fix it and client wont close it just stop responding.
    18. DreTaX
      Which server?

      It has nothing to do with the client.
    19. SAMBA

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