Important Client Plugin Support from 1.4.0

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Feb 8, 2017.

By DreTaX on Feb 8, 2017 at 1:05 PM
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    Dear users of Fougerite,

    The Client Plugin support is officially working, and can be used by compiling a dll and placing It to the ClientPlugins folder.

    I made an example project here, and It also contains a Fougerite Module plugin, to demonstrate the communication between the client and the server (It's not constant, but It's encrypted)

    Any external trials to send messages to the server that are not custom messages won't work, the client base comlinks cant be touched. Also, the serverhook only gets called when the plugin sends messages, and not RustBuster.

    You can use and change everything in Rust, and if you need any extra hooks or something like that post It as a feature request.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Feb 8, 2017.

    1. salva
      I think there is a problem with plugin support, explain the situation:

      I have migrated my server to rustbuster poir a few hours and I have included a client plugin ....


      Reason: Found an unknown hack. 7803

      What happens with this is the players that connect are detected by hack (attached log and banlist).

      I had not noticed this situation because I am Admin and it makes me bypass and as the tests I did with a moderator, he also made Bypass

      However, removing the plugin are not detected, RustBuster is giving False Positives with these plugins, greetings

      Attached Files:

    2. DreTaX
      Yeah, just right at release, i realised plugins shouldnt be treated as injections :D

      It's already fixed, i will push out a release.
    3. salva
      It is not urgent for me, take your time;)
    4. DreTaX
      Fixed even more stuffs, update coming out in the morning.
    5. salva
      Something must go wrong .. I have mounted another test server with version 1.4.4 that I am not admin and I have been able to inject hack .... Can you confirm this? At the moment I will continue with 1.4.2

    6. salva
      After testing with server version 1.4.2 and using client 1.4.4, I have also been able to inject jacked .... Maybe it is a problem on the client side?

      Imagen 2.jpg
    7. salva
      This image is without client plugin, I am not admin ...

      Imagen 3.jpg
    8. salva
      I can confirm that the players can use hack, this is of equinox, maybe you can see it yourself in the screenshots forder on your server........ an urgent revision of the last update is necessary
      I am not an expert, but my opinion is that the problem is on the client side?
      Obviously i am not admin in equinox.. ;)

      Imagen 4.jpg
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    9. xandeturf
      Description Jacked ban - RustBuster Detected Hacks Found an unknown hack. 7825
    10. salva
    11. xandeturf
      Plugins RB is 7803 and Jacked is 7825 code the process, I do not understand much but it can help.
    12. salva

      I think you have not read the last messages in detail ...... I am flying on your server with hack WTF !!!

      Imagen 5.jpg
    13. xandeturf
      Yes, I'm trying coding an anti-Jacked plugin. While Dretax arranges.
    14. salva
      I do not think you need to develop anything, it would be spending your time unnecessarily. RustBuster detects all the hacks .... when dretrax see this will solve it.

      It must be a problem of the last update.

      I think this is not the correct thread to continue with these talks, we just have to wait
    15. DreTaX
      Oh fuck me. Hold on. I might have disabled something when i was debugging.
    16. salva
      Try checking your equinox screenshots to confirm 100% that this is happening .. I can give you my id by private
    17. salva
      I really do not know how I managed to use hacks on all these servers, right now I'm doing tests and I'm being banned from my own server ... therefore, I do not know how I got to use hack, I'll continue doing tests
    18. DreTaX
      Update inc.
    19. salva
      Wait, I found the method of doing bypass, I sent you private message

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