Console Commands


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Jun 29, 2014
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All Commands are lowercase!

Fougerite Related Commands:

fougerite.reload - Reloads all Modules and Fougerite core
fougerite.reload modulename
fougerite.unload modulename
fougerite.load modulename - Saves all Fougerite and Server Data
fougerite.RustPP - Reloads Rust++, if Rust++ is enabled

Python Engine Commands:

python.load pluginname - Loads Plugin
python.unload pluginname - Unloads plugin
python.reload pluginname - Reloads plugin
python.reload - Reloads all Python plugins

Jint Engine Commands:

jint.load pluginname - Loads plugin
jint.unload pluginname - Unloads plugin
jint.reload pluginname - Reloads plugin
jint.reload - Reloads all Jintplugins

Magma Engine Commands:

magma.load pluginname - Loads plugin
magma.unload pluginname - Unloads plugin
magma.reload pluginname - Reloads plugin
magma.reload - Reloads all Magma plugins

Lua Engine Commands:

lua.load pluginname - Loads plugin
lua.unload pluginname - Unloads plugin
lua.reload pluginname - Reloads plugin
lua.reload - Reloads all Lua plugins

Rust++ Engine Commands:

rustpp.shutdown - Shutdowns server in the configured seconds and autosaves